How to use data science in talent management

Data science and machine learning are new trends to understand and analyse the structure of organisations. Due to the results of useful analysis about employee current situation, recruitment and retention, data analysis for human resources plays a major role in the operating activities of any business.  

The HR sector is entering the era of scientific analysis based on smart technologies, unlike earlier times. Instead of carrying out endless surveys or communicating with employees to estimate their loyalty or satisfaction, the new techniques based on big data can provide valuable reference points and priceless information by using the existing data. 

With data science, it’s possible to estimate and prove the relevance, importance and reliability of corporate data within the existing workforce. Moreover, data science can help HR specialists structure their analysis, since some old metrics can be irrelevant, for example, in the preparation of employees to remain at a company for a specific period of time, or to measure their satisfaction in the long term. 

What does data science allow in the human resources sector? 

  • Knowledge acquisition 
  • Future investment estimation 
  • Talent analysis 

Data science is a fundamental method that allows us to quantitatively monitor the expenses and the result of the candidates’ participation, as well as to assess the profitability of different human resources activities. This technology allows organisations to thoroughly analyse their human resources activities and make the right decisions.