How to reach the flow state?

The flow state takes place when we connect with the activity we do and stay in a space where it seems that time stops. 

This term is associated with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as part of the philosophy of positive psychology. 

Below are some tips to reach this state of connection: 

– Do something you are passionate about 

The flow state needs an active motivation. To increase productivity and creativity in whatever you do, you need to learn to enjoy what you do.  

– Set achievable goals 

Goals are the basis of our actions. What do we want to achieve? However, we also have to define how we are going to do it. If the goals are not clear, you will need to demand a separate effort and cause the opposite effect: stress or frustration.  

– Avoid distractions 

Physical space has a significant influence on our concentration: while we keep an eye on our relationship with it, we pay attention to details (lighting, temperature, external noise, among others). 

– Keep focused as long as possible 

Sometimes, especially when you practice an activity for the first time, it is normal to not be very focused. As you master the activity, you will have more time to enjoy it.  

– Focus on the process, not on the result 

The flow state is related to accomplishing the task, not the result. An appealing outcome can also be motivating, but the truly important thing is to enjoy what you do.  

When we flow, we project well-being 

Flowing with activities increases our productivity, and your attitude to work each day ends up being reflected in the work environment. Overcoming personal problems is an expression of mature relationships. Being kind to and interested in people and having new discussions helps the day be much better.