How the Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Assessment influences employee wellbeing

An employee with good quality of life in their day to day work, who feels valued, will have better health, which will lead to fewer absences, to be more committed and motivated in the organisation.

In order to know how we feel in our workplace, it is necessary to begin a process of self-knowledge that involves a reflective analysis; when a person knows in depth and acquires understanding of their own strengths and areas of improvement, they can work from a more engaged way, being able to take advantage of the opportunities, being prepared for the challenges presented by the environment.

In this sense, our Personal Development Analysis (PDA) Assessment  not only serves to find individual strengths but also development areas. Knowing these potential development areas advances in the process of self-knowledge and thus achieving well-being, after this it is possible to improve the personal relationship with our peers, superiors and colleagues.

This process will be reflected in the productivity and results of the company, generating greater customer satisfaction, as well as a more positive corporate image, which leads managers to feel happier and be in a better daily disposition to interact and be interested in the employees.

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