How can you measure your staff’s potential?

Today, organisations that opt for talent management as a critical process are the ones that gain an edge over their competition, taking on the challenge of efficiently managing their talent and stimulating their growth through their capabilities and potential.

You can measure your staff’s potential by following these steps:

Step 1: Define corporate objectives: this is the opportunity to define goals that are in line with the organisation’s strategies (these objectives should be measurable and achievable).

Step 2: Identify employee behaviours: behaviour is a subjective variable, thus we must describe the competencies or behaviours we expect to see in the staff member’s performance.

Step 3: Behaviour monitoring: once the behaviours have been identified, leaders should constantly monitor their staff’s work and create a calendar that serves to assess performance.

Step 4: Assess: the next step is performing an assessment where progress can be highlighted and opportunities for improvement can be reinforced through effective feedback.

When you measure the potential of your company you can determine the responsibilities and priorities of each staff member, improve individual performance, as well as the company’s productivity, and generate effective feedback that fosters face-to-face communication between staff and leaders.

At PDA International we know that there are behavioural traits that allow individuals to take advantage of opportunities for development in the long term. If we are able to highlight the behavioural characteristics that positions and profiles require and then make this information compatible with the profiles and performance of our staff, organisations will move closer to achieving a better return on their investment in developing potential.

This is why if we leverage our efforts with a reliable and scientifically-proven tool like the PDA Assessment, we will be able to simply and quickly describe the behavioural attributes that characterise each employee, as well as their motivators, main strengths and areas of opportunity, their compatibility with positions and competencies.

Boost your organisation’s competitiveness day in and day out by strengthening the potential of your employees. Give it a go!