From personal crisis to self-awareness

At some point in our lives, we all go through situations that destabilise us, defining a turning point.

The difficulties end up being a wake-up call to indicate that something isn’t right and that we should review how we do what we do. This gives way to need for change, which is natural and inescapable in human beings.

In this respect, any circumstance that involves a drastic change can upset us psychologically, physically and emotionally. Therefore, at the most critical point of the process, we experience internal conflicts that are manifestations of imbalance in personal abilities.

When the time comes to face said conflict, the individual’s available skills and resources are put to the test and, in many cases, they’re not enough to overcome the crisis. This is a matter of great uncertainty and vulnerability for people who not only require a lot of effort but are also forced to make important decisions in a short period of time and without delay.

In order to overcome crises and adapt to new contexts, we need to open a path towards self-awareness that allows us to understand the situation, to find new goals and to restore balance. Below are a series of recommendations that will help you during the process:

  • Accept the situation and ask for help, if necessary, taking it as a sign of maturity and not as a sign of weakness.
  • Recognise your strengths and opportunities for improvement. This will allow you to start your process of self-awareness from the circumstance.
  • Analyse the environment and identify what you can do with your current abilities to solve the situation.
  • Prioritise with a new criterion in which you not only take into account what is necessary to overcome the crisis, but also your personal growth.

Beyond these recommendations, at PDA International, we believe it is important to have a foundation on which to build the process of self-awareness. That is why we have worked for more than twenty years with our PDA Assessment, a precise and technological tool that allows to learn many aspects of a person’s behavioural profile in a short amount of time. This serves as an instrument to more easily identify which way to go. Take advantage of crises as an opportunity to empower yourself!

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Viktor Frankl E.