Engaged employee, accountable team 

We recently discovered that accountability focuses on talent development in organisations, and that it defines the leader’s ability to take responsibility for results in an autonomous way.

However, the application of this tool in every organisation is essential for whatever company goals and size, since it leads to great results. The only way that you can reach high execution levels is precisely by ensuring that you close the small performance gaps that we naturally overlook because, as human beings, we make mistakes.

Likewise, regardless of the position, everyone should be willing to be accountable. We must ensure that we all have the ability to start closing gaps, no matter our position.

Steps to apply accountability in work teams:

  • Objective. Clearly set a goal, so that each member can define their functions and responsibilities.
  • Results. Follow up on results to check if there are any gaps.
  • Feedback. Follow up on team members through constant conversations on their job.
  • Engagement. Both individuals and teams must own what they will do from the beginning, when they accept to be part of a project.
  • Proactivity. Once the team identifies their commitment, they can propose action plans for its execution.
  • Responsibility. This means that each team member will take charge of the results of their work, and will be willing to be held accountable.

We want committed teams that are able to build synergy among them, with collaborative work and significant results. We want team accountability!