Employee Experience: employee perspective of the organisation

As individuals, we evaluate our interactions with our surroundings everyday: family time, meetings at work, recreational activities, get-togethers with friends, gym, etc. But what factors influence our experience inside an organisation? 

The answer to that question has to do with how we are treated, the environment, our well-being, and the behaviour at and towards the company: all of this is part of what is known as Employee Experience (EX), a new concept that nowadays should be considered vital for talent management. 

According to Méndez and Calleja (2018), EX is an approach that suggests a participative process in which we can visualise the employees’ steps within the organisation; from people management who see things in perspective, to the design of experiences that will make a difference for people and organisations. 

Employee Experience Benefits: 

  • Higher satisfaction levels both for employees and clients 
  • Increased productivity levels  
  • Stronger bond with the brand 

Employee Experience = Employee Engagement? 

One of the most frequent doubts when it comes to approaching this topic is the difference between Employee Experience and engagement strategies for organisations. We can explain it in a few simple words: Employee Engagement is the final goal, while Employee Experience is the means to achieve it.  

In this sense, we can quote Mark Levy, former director of Employee Experience at Airbnb, who said that “Anything that sets employees up for success or improves our culture should be a part of EX”. 

The following tools can be used to create positive experiences in organisations:  

  • Employee Journey Map: allows to document and visualise the path that an employee goes through in your organisation by means of a development plan, taking into account their strengths and potential. 
  • Employee archetypes segmentation: understand the difference between profiles in a work team allows categorising employees so that the organisation can accompany them in pursuing their goals. 

Our employees are increasingly demanding more about what they want for their professional life. Broadening their opportunities makes us grow while we travel the path towards our goals with happy work relations!