Develop successful programs based on collective intelligence

“In the business world, important things are not made by one person. They are made by a group of people” – Steve Jobs.

The new technologies have caused a great revolution in the concept of team working relationships. It is impossible for everyone to have knowledge of everything, but they can be experts in a small area, and that knowledge is credible when they are involved with other’s intellect enabling them to diversify and share knowledge resulting in collective intelligence.

In this way, Collective Intelligence has advantages. One of them is to allow individuals to overcome their limits, by means of collaborating with other people and knowing their reality, thoughts and actions which can open their mind and expand their visions thus improving their critical thinking.

The sum of individual intelligence privileges horizontal and multidisciplinary, above rigid hierarchical structures. Under this logic, teams have more possibilities to increase their motivation, creativity, dynamism and adaptation to challenges.

PDA International’s aim is to execute successful consulting programs that are capable of generating greater commercial impact, the solutions are based on our validated tools.

Working this way while being, supported by technology and communication, creates strengthened leadership that fosters collaboration within the team.