Close out 2018 with a better work environment

One of the conditions that employees value most within organisations is a pleasant, safe and positive work environment. A good work environment encourages well-being, satisfaction, teamwork, respect and the team’s commitment to accomplishing proposed targets on time and according to expectations.

In this sense, the work environment is no more than a sum of factors that surround the individuals (culture, environment, situations at work), to which we add the psychological aspects of an environment composed of individuals.

However, the work environment contains a subjective part that varies according to each employee’s perspective and personal expectations and according to their individual aspirations.

In order to consolidate a space in which all employees can exploit their potential and develop both personally and professionally, we need to design action plans that can optimise the working conditions offered to individuals.

To do so, the first step is to conduct a work environment survey in which all company staff can participate and where they can freely express their visions and feelings regarding the environment in which they work.

The dimensions that are most commonly assessed include: leadership, wages, condition of workplace facilities, sense of belonging, etc.

After assessing the work environment, we should analyse the results and take steps to close the gaps identified –although these depend on the situation within each organisation.

Productivity is one of the elements most put in jeopardy according to the work environment, which is why we need to create activities that get the mind off of work: team breakfasts, restaurant outings, athletic activities. These activities strengthen ties, promote teamwork and humanise people.

Effectiveness is greater when you have a happy workplace.