Check out the most read e-books of 2020!

It is time to pause and look at what we’ve gone through in a year that we won’t be able to forget!  

In this post we want to share the e-books that had the greatest reach; different subjects, but focused in sharing information and updated data in this reinvention and adaptation process that 2020 required from us. 

We hope you enjoy it!  

  1. Is your organization ready to learn? 

Organisational learning is key for transformation, and the agility to learn becomes the spearhead of the ability to adapt to the new context. 

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  1. It’s time for a Reskilling Revolution! 

We are living in a VUCA context that demands that every person goes through a process in which they acquire new skills to face the new work challenges.  

Upon this need, we wanted to contribute by providing ideas so that people and companies start working on Reskilling.  

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  1. Virtual Recruitment Special 

How can we reinvent ourselves to succeed in the face of the new challenges? 

Discover the most valuable insights to improve your experience! 

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