2019 brought change on the view that many people have on human resources. Many members of HR sectors took on a leading and active role in search of an effective human talent management, and this is what we talked about in our ebooks during the year.

Let’s go through our most-read ebooks!

  • Culture in Organisations

For organisations, organisational culture has become the footing of the ins and outs of operations, and an invisible energy source for achieving goals. So, studying and understanding it is key to effectively managing internal processes and achieving the organisation’s vision.

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  • The Employer Brand everyone wants to build

Today, organisations recognise more clearly than ever before the importance of their relationship with their employees. Work is no longer just about the economic rewards for their work, there must be a positive workplace experience that allows motivation and the sense of belonging.

In this sense, more organisations are prioritising the concept that actual

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  • Talent Pool, Organisations prepared for the future

One of the main challenges that companies face in f talent management is, in the first place, the identification of talented employees with high potential to develop themselves within the organisation and, in the second place, the time that it takes to develop people once you have taken the necessary time and resources to identify their potential.

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