Change Accelerators: More technology, better humans

Nobody ever imagined that this slogan would have so much power, but the PDA Assessment is a change accelerator. Now that the world is changing, now that we are all rushing, we ask ourselves what to do, how to keep control, how to manage, how to lead, how to assess, i.e., endless questions that arise due to tomorrow’s uncertainty. Of course, there are mixed emotions that act as a wake-up call, as a voice that tells us to stop, breathe, analyse and move forward. It sounds quite easy, right? However, the big question is how to achieve this. We have two answers to that question, whether you are an employee or employer. I would say the first group to be disciplined and stay focused, and as regards the latter, I would tell them “know yourself”. Do you know who you are? What strengthens you? What blocks you? Do you know what you are made of? Knowing oneself is not an easy task. It takes years of individual work, humility, coherence and acceptance perspective. 

In this sense, we join PDA International and understand how our clients and friends are experiencing this VUCA environment so abruptly, to the point that companies from all economic sectors are forced to adapt to on-going changes that affect their strategic planning and their professional routines so as to determine: How much do we know about this specific situation? To what extent can we anticipate the result of our actions? What are we going to do to deal with this problem? It is truly important to keep this matter under control, but this pandemic is showing us something quite powerful, which is “know yourself”, know your people, go back to the basic and simple concepts. Suddenly you will realise that the answer does not reside in controlling the external factors, but the internal ones. It is in our people, in ourselves, and we should not keep searching externally but internally.  

Although technology is important, we cannot neglect humanity, because in order to be a company, we need people; in order to be a leader, we need followers. To achieve a result, the strategy is valid, but in order to meet it, we need people, and for companies to move forward, we need a resilient staff, with self-awareness and skills that help us overcome this “adventure” that most certainly will have an end in which the strongest and most resilient people will get through it faster than others, even though in the end everyone will make it. However, “falling behind” would imply a very high cost. It is in this situation where being change accelerators makes sense and gains strength. We will keep working to be better every day and to meet our objective and value promise. “We are a global company that develops, implements and transfers innovative technological tools and programmes for comprehensive talent management”. I would like to finish with an invitation to take advantage of this opportunity to promote that the more technology there is around us, better humans we should be.