Change accelerators, a challenge to the organisational status quo

When we talk about change, we talk about transformation, and in order to successfully achieve a profound transformation in an organisation we need people who are willing to act as advocates and change accelerators.
In order to facilitate change, we need true leaders that advocate for change: this requires willingness, commitment and creativity to propose and sustain new ways of doing things. However, doing things differently can trigger resistance, so we must take precautions when implementing change strategies.
According to Gibson et al. (1998, United States), “The change agent poses a challenge to the status quo that tends to persist in all organisations”. On the other hand, various authors use the expression “change agents” in the same sense that they use “accelerators” or “Organisational Development agents” defined as facilitator, catalyst or inspirer of the organisation’s health.

What is the profile of a change accelerator?

Cultivate these qualities in your team in order to create a stimulating and challenging work environment, lay down the conditions so that people have influence over their ability to achieve their personal goals and those of the organisation!

Keywords: Status quo, disruptive leadership, organisational development, change accelerators, change agents