Boost your organisation’s productivity

The complete management of productivity, according to Gestiopolis, is defined as “the administration process that follows the four phases of the productivity cycle, which consists on the activities of measurement, assessment, planning and improvement, all with the purpose of continuously, systematically and consistently increasing the levels of productivity, while always maintaining the highest quality possible.”

Following this line, we can affirm that a company’s productivity is the consequence of the actions that are carried out to achieve the company’s designed goals in the context of a positive work environment.

When it comes to productivity, the key to success is that the company acts as a system, focusing on productive activities, thus obtaining optimal outcomes. In order to achieve this, talent management is of the essence. Every day, more and more organisations are betting on agilism. Learn more about this methodology here.

How can I increase my company’s productivity? *

  1. Research, development and innovation (I + D + I)

Research, development and innovation projects allow for:

  • The modification and improvement of new equipment and/or procedures, which enable faster production with lower expenses on personnel, infrastructure and materials.
  • The development of new products of better quality that satisfy the clients’ new needs.
  1. Planning

It consists of determining the productivity levels we want to reach. As a first step, it is necessary to estimate the minimum productivity standard that must be achieved in order the reach the competitiveness level demanded by the market. Then, the necessary standards regarding infrastructure, technical requirements and competencies of the company’s professionals can be determined.

  1. Measurement

This is a key phase of the process since it will determine the starting point and whether the implemented strategies have reached the projected goals.

  1. Assessment

In this phase, results are compared with the projected goals, and so the success of this management process can be determined.

Solutions that boost productivity

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