Boost your collaborator’s potential

Nowadays, the organisations committing to talent management and focusing on collaborator’s development are the ones strengthening and growing in comparison to the competition.

When we speak about potential, we are talking about a person’s capabilities, skills, professional preferences and behavioural tendencies. As a company, it is important to focus on managing a strategy that will help us assign the right talent to the right position and to think about their future development possibilities within in the organisation.

In accordance with the article, “The management of potential and human talent. The main goal of a company,” a human potential is all that a person is capable of reaching in any aspect of life.

Humanist psychologists agree in the following next premises for human potential development:

-Autonomy (Actual capabilities): Only an individual who is autonomous in their acts can be responsible for a community.

-Self-fulfilment (Future Role): the tendencies intrinsic to the organisation which boosts growth and distinction.

-The search for meaning (Purpose): The man not only works for material motivations, but also for axiological fundaments such as freedom, dignity and justice.

-The comprehensive conception of the human being: The human being is a holism. The feelings, thoughts and actions are a whole.

Potential: Actual capabilities + future role + purpose

When taking into account all these premises and taking them into work you must understand the relationship between collaborator and organisation, where the company’s goal must be promoting self-fulfilment to help talent find their purpose: stimulating the sense of belonging, motivation and engagement.

Dare to stand out from the rest: engage with talent development and growth!