Attract candidates with recruitment 3.0

With the arrival of technological disruption, organisations have to adapt their processes to the needs of the current work world. Mobile recruitment is presenting itself as a real challenge for companies that are betting on new practices in human resources management.

The 3.0 technologies are Internet apps based on multiplatform users and a special range of services, such as social platforms, wikis, apps, online recruitment pages, among others. These platforms are a real advantage for recruiters and candidates. What allows mobile recruitment is to be there, in real time. This methodology promises to become in the near future the largest form of recruitment in the labour market.

The employer branding is a strategy that combines marketing and HR to achieve a good position over other companies. The selection processes are gaining prominence and begin to be a great investment for organisations.

Although these 3.0 strategies are being incorporated into the new working world, a report from LinkedIn indicates that 49% of organisations still do not fully consider this option and prefer traditional methods of recruitment. On the other hand, 43% of candidates to use their mobile phones to carry out their job searches.

Nowadays there are infinite options on Internet platforms to find the best profile that we think can be aligned with the objectives of the organisation and with the business culture.