Are we ready for people-centred organisations?

Organisational transformation and change are unavoidable and necessary nowadays. Adapting to dynamic environments and collaborative work teams with an agile and strategic vision is becoming a crucial skill for organisations to be more open, flexible, innovative and effective. This has been discussed by experts such as Peter Drucker and Gary Hamel.

This is why we share renowned TED Talks that help us prepare for transformation within organisations.

  • The Era of Corporate Social Responsibility is Ending | Rachel Hutchisson

Rachel Hutchisson’s TED Talk is about why the end of Corporate Social Responsibility is a good thing, and how it will be replaced by “human social responsibility.” The key is to listen to and empower employees in organisations, and hear their community, in order to create a people-centred kind of leadership.

  • What to trust in a “post-truth” world | Alex Edmans

Only if we’re really open to the possibility of being wrong can we learn. That is what researcher Alex Edmans claims. In his talk, he explores how bias and the tendency to accept information which supports our beliefs can lead us down the path of misinformation.

The current world invites us to question our actions, including how we influence change from our desk and during each meeting with a client.

Do you consider your organisation to be people-centred?