Agile organisational culture

In order to transform an organisation and instil an agile mindset, we must rethink not only processes, but also organisational structure, design, human capital management, culture and leadership.

Thus, when we build multidisciplinary teams where decision-making is based on continuous feedback between team members and the customer him/herself, we help the group grow when it comes to competencies, empowering employees and rewarding creativity, commitment and performance.

This certainly has an impact on the creation of a more agile and collaborative culture, what we call a “co-culture.” Culture is changed by creating new work habits that give way to speed and adaptation.

George Westerman, a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, states that the problem is that companies have focused on the wrong aspect of digital transformation. “They’re paying attention to the ‘digital’ aspect, when ‘transformation’ is what really matters. It’s not about having a mobile application; it’s about creating a totally different user experience.”

 How to create an agile culture?

– Form small teams

– Create customer-centred strategies

– Include automated processes

– Develop agile leadership

– Track processes

At PDA International we provide tools that can add value in the transformation of culture, such as the PDA Assessment – which aids in decision-making when defining work teams –, reports such as leadership matching, position compatibility, or tools like 360° FEEDBACK.

Transform your organisation’s culture with more productive teams that are capable of anticipating the dynamism and complexity of today’s business environment.