It is important to know that Agile Management isn’t just technological actions, as commonly believed, it needs to be accompanied by major behavioural changes as well as having the competencies tied to accepting change to ensure the sustainability of these actions.

Digital Mindset

The advent of “Digital Mindset” was credited at the 2016 World Economic Forum, presented as the “4th Industrial Revolution” or introduction to the “Digital Age.” A person with a “Digital Mindset” is capable of innovating based on the opportunities the online world provides and creating value.

According to Bill Fischer, Innovation Program Director for MIT, “an individual with a digital mindset understands the power of technology to democratize, scale and speed up every form of interaction and action.”

The importance of Feedback

Repeated actions at the organisation become instilled in the culture, which is why current trends in human capital management include measuring behaviours using agile methodologies. One of the tools we can use to do this is a 360° Feedback, because it is able to reflect reality from different angles.

At PDA International we incorporate Agile Management competencies as part of the PDA Profile in order to encourage employee potential, improve the work environment and boost productivity at your organisation, making the most of what digital tools bring to integral talent management.

Go above and beyond for your employees, creating a diverse and healthy work environment that contributes to their satisfaction and fulfilment of their purpose.