Agile Management as the bedrock of collaborative working

In recent years, the digital world has been transforming not only the way we live, work, lead and communicate, but also how we run our businesses. This digital transformation poses a major challenge for Human Resources: the opportunity to revolutionise the way everyone in the company works using innovative processes and systems across new platforms.

Agile Management at the organisation

Earlier we spoke about Agile Management as a project management methodology that develops creative work teams, focused on innovation and change.

This methodology is based on a leadership style that unites teams so that they work with the objective of responding to “unpredictability”. Working in this way allows them to change course, and still provide authority and transparency, but in a hugely adaptable way. It seeks to facilitate communication with the customer or user while providing a product or service.

The Agile methodology will strengthen work teams in order to boost their level of response and encourage collaborative working.

By implementing Agile Management, companies can move from individuality to collaborative working. From individual to Collaborative Intelligence!

Productivity + Feedback

We build multidisciplinary teams where decision-making is based on continual feedback between team members and the customer. We help the group grow its competencies, thus empowering employees, and rewarding creativity, commitment and performance.

Want to learn more?

Don’t miss this video by Zaheer Ali, shown at the TEDx Hastings St event, who talks about how he has applied agile methodologies in his professional life as a NASA SOFIA Program Supervisor, as well as in his personal life.