Agile Culture in selection processes: Agile Recruiting

Agile methodologies are becoming a driving force for change within organisations. What started with software development has expanded to different areas of the company and, finally, to the Human Resources department.

The People Management area is beginning to use digital transformation for its recruitment processes. So let’s talk a bit about what Agile Recruiting is.

First of all, a recruitment process is the process of identifying and attracting to the organisation trained and capable applicants. Agile Recruiting is a work methodology which, during the recruitment process, will help the Human Resources department be more efficient from the beginning.

By using Agile Recruiting we make sure we know which is the best profile for each position. This means working more efficiently, minimising mistakes: the methodology allows us to hire better and faster.

According to Juan Antonio Gómez García, consultant and trainer at HRAgile, here are some of the most relevant tips to implement this methodology in our company:

  • Bet on diversity. By hiring diverse people, be it regarding religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual preference, disabilities, education or ideology, our company will be nourished by different opinions and perspectives. It’s always a positive thing to work and bond with different kinds of people.
  • Establish a personal brand. Being active on social media or job listings is having an HR Agile Mindset. Having a list of candidates we’re interested in close at hand is crucial.
  • Recruit passionate people. Hiring people who dream of working at our organisation and who visualise themselves in it is essential to maximising success in this process, so it’s important to talk to the candidate to know what led to sending us their CV.
  • Attitude before skills. It’s always better to hire someone who has the right attitude and then train them in the skills they need. Remember that if a person has experience but lacks the attitude, there’s the risk they won’t fit in with the team or won’t be willing to learn new things in the future.
  • Keep the culture of values. It’s important to hire people who align themselves with the current values of the company, which the leaders are supposed to transmit to the entire organisation.
  • Make your team part of the process. It’s important that the employees in your team take part in the decision since the new member will be part of that work team. It also shows that you work collaboratively and that everyone’s opinions matter.

If your organisation hasn’t implemented agile methodologies yet, a good way to begin changing the mindset is to start using them from the recruitment process. Give it a try!