Achieve innovation without forgetting humanization

The management of human resources in companies is constantly changing and adapting to the new trends in the labour market.

Randstad’s marketing and communication manager, Natalia Zúñiga, speaks about the importance of incorporating humanization to the organisational culture, pointing out that nowadays most of the companies continue to follow patterns with ineffective leaders, undefined corporative cultures or unattractive rewards. An effective solution to this is to boost in-house talent and motivate professionals to help the organisation to perform at their best, with the members feeling they are contributing to the corporate goals and therefore, achieving the success of the company.

The key to success to incorporate technology in Human Resources is to remember that people are the only ones that can determine the success or failure of it. Therefore, it is important to approach these processes promoting a suitable culture and facilitating adequate training, so the people know why and how to implement them.

The relationship between the employee and the organisation has changed.

Even though digitalization aims to slowly transform the organisational culture, it is important to maintain consistent values aligned with our personal and professional purposes. (Learn how to find your purpose)

A digital innovation comes along it requires the organisation to change by transforming and improving operations, duties, models, processes and activities.