360º Feedback development for teamwork

Nowadays, by using certain tools like 360º Feedback, we can have a direct influence on the development of the work teams that are part of our organisation. 

According to a study published in the magazine of Universidad Católica del Norte (Colombia, 2017) on feedback in higher education, the term is defined as “the return of information over the result of an activity or process.” 

Moreover, specialised sector blogs, such as SupeRRHHeroes (Spain, 2018) discuss the importance of feedback in terms of improvement thanks to communication, relationships, improved performance, etc. (Silvia Martínez, The importance of feedback in a companySupeRRHHeroes blog, Spain).  

At PDA International we developed the PDA 360° FEEDBACK: a quantitative and qualitative assessment of competencies, understood as the skills, behaviours and attitudes required for a particular job position. Its main benefits are its ability to detect training and development needs, identify strengths, create spaces for feedback and, as a result, improve the team’s dedication and commitment. 

The 360º Feedback tool is essential for effective team work, due to the communicational development it provides, which directly affects work teams. This tool allows you to have a comprehensive view of the picture, by assessing yourself and your leaders, peers, customers, etc. 

Creating teams based on high quality communication both in the social and in the business sphere is crucial. The best teams are formed thanks to this, and the work environment and atmosphere are greatly improved.  

Feedback allows each person to know where they are, what they should do and how to manage their resources for their correct implementation. Through the PDA 360° FEEDBACK report, you will get to know, among other aspects, what your strengths and opportunities for improvement are.  

Having the possibility to receive this kind of report allows the use of a good approach and creates the willingness and the confidence that corrections are there to make the most out of everyone’s strengths.  

The application of tools like the 360º Feedback makes it possible to create a synergy that contributes to the creation of a healthy atmosphere and strong teams.