360° Feedback. Set the agenda for your development.

The 360° Feedback is used to measure the competencies of employees in an organisation. Through this assessment, the person receives feedback from his or her leader, colleagues, direct reports and even customers. By engaging with everyone who knows you, it takes into account a wide variety of different perspectives.

This feedback enables the assessed individuals to analyze how others perceive them and how they perceive themselves. Feedback is a key factor when assessing performance; it allows identifying strengths and opportunity areas to increase effectiveness and competitiveness.

This not only sets a clear agenda for personal individual development, it can créate targets for organisational growth.

Below you’ll find the main advantages of the 360° Assessment when compared to a traditional performance assessment:

  • You obtain information about team members from different types of evaluators.
  • It avoids the prejudices that a performance assessment can deliver when one person works in it.
  • It encourages teamwork and optimizes communication – the 360° Feedback is based on constructive feedback and in opening positive conversations.
  • It motivates employees; they are an essential part of this process, they value being heard and becoming protagonists of their own development.
  • It facilitates constructive feedback because employees receive the results of the assessment in their Report; they are able to know what their evaluators think about them and the competencies of their position.
  • It identifies the strengths and opportunity areas of employees based on competencies.

The 360° Feedback adds value to organisations; it helps in the development of team competencies considering behaviours and the competencies expected by the company.

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